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SocPlugin is offering great opportunities to work with social networks
It work with 4 popular social networks —
Odnoklassniki and
Mamba. It can send invites / comments / messages from multiples accounts, automatic support of dialogues, automatic fill of accounts content and — unique! — Totally automatic method of bypass protections against robots. It’s possible to test it for FREE! DOWNLOAD and check it!
Unique opportunity: totally automatic bypass of captcha
The program during the registration and submitting process can decode and bypass more 500 types of popular graphical captcha like ReCapctha,
captchas, etc. More DETAILS...I

Attention: SocPlugin comes for FREE with XRumer complex (with exception of Lite version);
The price of XRumer complex starts with $240 for Standard license

SocPlugin potentials at submitting on Facebook.Com, VK.Com, Odnoklassniki.Ru and Mamba.Ru:

  • During the submitting and sending invites process, SocPlugin fully automatically decode captchas without usage of external services.
  • “Automatic Answering System” that can create and support dialogues with multiples users simultaneously
  • Collect of profiles by parameters, from Groups, from Friends list.
  • Collect of video by parameters for further commenting.
  • Automatic actions at login: accept / decline invites to groups or to friends, automatic change of status
  • Filter of profiles list by set up parameters
  • Sending of personal messages.
  • Sending automatically invites to groups
  • Sending automatically invites to friends
  • Automatically pressing “Like”, “5”, “5+” on photo
  • Automatic grabbing of profiles and photo content
  • Photo and video commenting
  • Support of macroses and variations
  • Automatic checking of accounts list
  • Automatic fulfill own accounts with personal information and photos
  • Automatic answering system for creation and continue of dialogues according to setup scheme
  • Full automation of sequence of actions
  • And a lot of more

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