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XRumer 19.0.8 + XEvil 5.0 [Beta-6]July 02, 2021

  • It was added support for ReCaptcha v3 via XEvil 5 beta
  • Improved AI for decoding of textual captchas via XEvil 5.0 [Beta-6], and this significantly increased success rate on most trusted forums:

    XRumer 19.0.8 + XEvil 5.0 [Beta-5]

  • Default databases are updated
  • Improved work in "Post on behalf of previous registered user" mode for:
    • VBulletin
    • InstantCMS
    • phpBB
    • DLE
  • Improved detection of ReCaptcha (v.2, v.3, Invisible), due to this was significantly decreased BAD SITEKEY error.
  • Improved processing of AJAX-forms on engine ElementorProFrontendConfig
  • Realized processing of parameter "pattern" at form filling, this have significantly increased success rate
  • Fixed download of emails via IMAP protocol from
  • In reports was added message "login or/and email already are in use — probably they were used previously for register account"
  • Was added technology of cleaning spammed pages from spam content "on the fly" — which made it possible to increase success rate in commenting of overspammed WordPress pages
  • Now file \FieldsForAI\Log.txt for self-learning cannot exceed 1 GB size — this is controlled sciptly (The mechanism of log collecting has been changed, if size of file exceed 1GB — logs are not gathered)
  • Success rate of registration process and form detecting is increased due to improved xmessages.txt
  • In xuser.ini added new parameter ActivationFilterDoubles, which control filter of duplicate activation links
  • Improved logic of detection of outgoing “trash links” from target sites
  • Fixed possible memory leak issues at usage of network function WinAPI
  • Improved detection of links for "Register only" mode
  • Improved detection of image captchas, decreased possibility of downloading of non-captcha images
  • Significantly increased registration process on XenForo and VBulletin
  • Improved and optimized work with RAM at posting
  • Are fixed logic errors in captcha processing
  • Improved processing of "LastChance" for sites with subdomains
  • Added internal cache of DNS
  • Added notice about extremely low success rate at usage of "Mandatory registration + posting" mode (this option unfortunately is still used by many users and as results they get low success rate in special on most trusted databases)
  • Improved mandatory pauses at work with phpBB for better success rate
  • Significantly improved processing for "required" radio-fields
  • Fixed issues with possible memory leak
  • Improved detection of network connection malfunction
  • Improved reports for FormFields.txt
  • Adjusted logic of “Success” report.
  • Adjusted function of POST-queries
  • Improved uploading of avatars for phpBB engine
  • Improved bypass of honeypot-protection
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