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XRumer 16.0.18 + SocPlugin 4.0.63September 23, 2018

List of changes and improvements from XRumer 16.0.18

This update is significantly increase efficiency of work in Mass-PM mode and include important improvements and bug fixes.

  • Updated databases:
    • All_Profiles_09_2018.txt — database of all profiles, contains more than 319.000 links
    • NotRus_Profiles_09_2018.txt — database does not contains Russian profiles, contains 264.000 links
    • Rus_Profiles_09_2018.txt — database of Russian profiles, contains 56.000 links
    • RusNoUcoz_Profiles_09_2018.txt — Russian database of profiles without engines like Ucoz etc., contains 53.000 links
    • Posting_09_2018.txt — checked database (guaranteed posting of message), contains 73.400 links
    • Posting_09_2018_Big_Mixed.txt — "unchecked" mixed database, contains 7.132.000 links; database was significantly cleared of old and not working resources + was added more than one million new recourses
    • TrustedLinksFull.txt — "fresh" database of trusted forums, contains 72.000 links (needs Xevil 4 for success posting)
    • TrustedLinksChecked.txt — checked database of trusted forums, contains 17.600 links (needs Xevil 4 for success posting)
  • database of textcapcthas was improved with more than 2000 new textcaptcha
  • program was trained to send PM in MassPM mode on new engines:
  • significantly increased success rate for posting to Joomla and WordPress.
    • FluxBB
    • Kunena Forum
    • Bitrix
  • it was made several improvements in Mass-PM system:
    • Improved tool “Generate database for Mass-PM mode”; besides, the parameters of this tool can be modified through xuser.ini file: MassPMLinks_Max and MassPMLinks Step
    • Implemented system of screening of bot-profiles
    • It was extended maximal allowed number of supported platforms
    • It was adjusted support of “[N]” in parameter MessagePMgen
    • It was improved work with engines SMF, uCoz and Discuz
    • It was fixed bug of “working in vain” at profile collecting
    • It was optimized memory usage
  • it was simplified the scheme of submitting in cycle in Scheduler: in "Circle" waiting of end for all threads was deleted, file Circle.xml was updated
  • In Scheduler was added new Job: “Change Schedule to =”, that allow to change to other Schedule under the right conditions;
  • it was increased speed of work in “Posting in behalf of previously registered user” mode;
  • It was improved stability of tool work “Links database analysis”.
  • also, in tool “Links database analysis ” was improved work with HTTPS, which effectiveness grown up with 20-30% on mixed databases.”
  • improved mechanism of training to unknown captcha
  • optimized association processing from xmessages.txt
  • improved marker “ADMINACT” from xmessages.txt
  • Proxy auto update by default now is turned off
  • improved logging of errors
  • fixed work of button "{a|a.}" in project window (it’a working for gmail email accounts mostly)
  • improved work of "database filer" tool
  • improved work of IGNORE marker in xpop.txt
  • improved bypass of JS-protection in Bitrix
  • adjusted MakeToIndex.ini
  • adjusted xpop.txt

List of changes in SocPlugin 4.0.63

  • added support of Unicode in message sending form (now it supports Asian languages, Hebrew, Arabic etc..)
  • added highlight of syntaxes used in text message field
  • adjusted work with encoding on Facebook
  • For Facebook improved work of commenting of photos and videos
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