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List of changes and improvements in XRumerOctober 29, 2016

XRumer 12.0.19

  • the program was trained to new 4800 text captcha.
  • the database of trusted forums was updated for new textual captchas:
    • TrustedLinksFull.txt
    • TrustedLinksChecked.txt
  • also was added new databases for profile registration:
    • All_Profiles_10_2016.txt
    • All_Profiles_10_2016_Hardcaptchas.txt
    • All_Topics_10_2016.txt
    • NotRus_Profiles_10_2016.txt
    • Rus_Profiles_10_2016.txt
    • RusNoUcoz_Profiles_10_2016.txt
  • significantly was improved the success rate for these engines:
    • VBulletin 5 (признак "VBulletin 5")
    • Bitrix (признак "inurl:?commentId=")
    • Ucoz
  • adjusted the warning messages in Project editing window;
  • at saving Project, recommendation to use #gennick will not appear repeatedly;
  • the function of Project preview was adjusted, in case if in file #file_links is used UTF-8 encoding;
  • now at usage of semi-automatic mode of captcha decoding or external captcha decoding services in subfolder \Debug\...\ are saved not only the images but also full links to source of captcha (for future analyze);
  • in xmessages.txt was added new parameter “MAIL_MARKER” – to enter email instead of username at login form;
  • now is possible to switch off automatic enabling of option “Autocontinue”, just to change the parameter "AutocontinueEnable=1" to "AutocontinueEnable=0" in xuser.ini file (in section [AdvOptions]);
  • updated \Antispam\badwords.txt file;
  • Some parts of course code was optimized;
  • the possibilities of “CheckUnknownCaptchas” option from xuser.ini file was expanded;
  • it was adjusted the mechanism of Mods encoding;
  • xpop.txt file was updated;
  • in reports was increased amount of saved links to profiles
  • frames processing was improved and optimized;
  • processing of AJAX-redirects was improved;
  • some bugs in links processing was fixed;
  • bypass of JS-protections on Ucoz was improved.

XRumer 12.0.18

  • The database of captcha was enlarged with new 5200 textual captcha.
  • It was added new databases of links:
    • TrustedLinksFull.txt
    • TrustedLinksChecked.txt
  • In logic of work of macros #gennick was made important change.
    In current version, the macros #gennick, at the same ID is generating same nickname for "" and "". The previous version the domain with the "www" and without "www" was considered as different domains, which were mistakenly. The possibility to use old method of generation of nickname was kept. For this in xuser.ini file should be changed value of the parameter “GennickNewFormat=” from 1 to 0. This should be made only for the purpose of compatibility with older versions because at use of parameter with value 0 (GennickNewFormat=0) – the percentage of successful registration will become much lower.
  • Synchronization of display of emails downloaded status was improved for increasing stability of work
  • Check of reply correctness to captcha question was improved.
  • Processing of Ucoz and Discuz sites was improved.
  • The stability of work GUI was improved.
  • Mechanism of position line and parameters saving from program’s main window was improved.
  • There a huge work was made to improve the system and to fix bug that was decreasing stability of work and success rate.
  • Checked and corrected answers for many text captcha.
  • Fixed bug of automatic deleting points from email login, if variations is not used.
  • The file xmessages.txt was updated.
  • Processing of German, Holland, Romanian and other European forums was improved.
  • At work with captcha decoding service was minimized the possibility of saving of incorrect answers to text captcha.
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