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List of changes and improvements in XRumer 12.0.12 EliteOctober 12, 2015

  • the program was trained to new graphical captcha, also was significantly improved decoding of ReCapctha:

    Captchas, XRumer 12.0.12

  • added new checked databases:
    • All_Profiles_10_2015.txt – database of all profiles, more 181.000 links
    • Rus_Profiles_10_2015.txt – database of Russian profiles
    • NotRus_Profiles_10_2015.txt – database of not Russian profiles
    • Posting_10_2015.txt – database for posting
    • Drupal2015.txt – Drupal blogs
    • Drupal2015_Checked.txt – Drupal blogs, with guaranteed possibility of registration
  • the program was trained to more than 3.500 new textual captcha
  • implemented recognition text captchas (logical antibot-questions) through 2Captcha.Com service
  • now textual captcha, received in semi-automatic mode or while are used external services for captcha decoding are saved in textcaptcha.txt and not in textcaptcha_manual.txt,
  • success rate of registration on Drupal was increased, but it’s recommended to use Drupal databases with external captcha decoding services
  • fixed some bugs from interface
  • fixed bug with authorization, which some users can occur
  • improved processing of associations "LOGIN_FAILED" and "ADMINACT"
  • fixed some serious bugs in logic of Mass-PM
  • adjusted caching of users list in Mass-PM mode
  • in xuser.ini added new option "MasspmOnlyLoad". This option will switch Mass-PM on mode to download links to a local cache for sending private messages, without parsing.
  • in xuser.ini added new option "MasspmOnlyParse". This option will switch Mass-PM on mode only parsing and link collecting for for sending private messages, without posting.
  • adjusted the control on Internet connection
  • fixed a bug of automatic adding of “index.php” in Database analyzer
  • improved generation of Anchors.txt report
  • fixed bug in Database analyzer and Filter of database.
  • improved detection of registration need by default (if posting is not possible without registration)
  • fixed bug "Divizion by zero" in LMD – component
  • fixed bug of incorrect determination of profile links in Drupal (links like "/user/password?name=..." directs to password reset and not to the profile)
  • adjusted the logic of selection of Country and City from dropdown menu.
  • the file xas_near.txt was supplemented
  • implemented bypass of such type of protection "Leave this field blank" (the mainly used on Drupal)
  • improved bypass of JS-protections.
  • the pause, generated by parameter “WAIT=…” does not affect thread timeout
  • updated xpop.txt
  • fixed bug of decoding of textual captcha on SMF-forums at repeated POST-request
  • improved the detection of textual question in semi-automatic mode
  • improved processing of Discuz forums
  • the file textcaptcha_forbidden.txt was re-wrote with more compact and more easily-processed structure
  • improved interface
  • modified the warning of Internet connection error.
  • corrected logic error due to which may be cause sometime false due to which the program could sometimes mistakenly write "signed up (100%)"
  • adjusted the process of retrieving of login and password from emails with activation links.
  • improved processing of redirects, as results it’s improved authorization on some versions of Joomla
  • improved saving of links to profiles on Drupal
  • adjusted gathering of HTTPS activation links from emails.
  • improved view of threads table at usage of xgrab.txt
  • fixed the error “Range check error”, that could be appearing sometimes at processing of JS
  • updated the list of user-agents
  • updated the functions of import/export of files with associations
  • fixed the bug that could cause “hang” of windows from option of teaching to textual captcha
  • to make easy registration and receiving the key for AntiCapctha service was added the link in window for enter key
  • fixed critical bug in decoding of some types of graphical captcha.
  • improved the logic of usage of xas_near.txt
  • fixed a bug of of processing of redirect from HTTP to HTTPS
  • minimized the factors that could cause “hang” of threads on some sites.
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