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List of changes and improvements in XRumer and SocPluginNovember 30, 2014

List of improvements from XRumer 12.0.8

  • Due to redistribution of resource consumption, was increased the average number of threads
    (but do not forget, with increasing of threads number the success rate is decreasing)
  • In settings “Speed – success rate” was added a new option “Lifetime limit of thread”,
    that can significantly increase posting speed by reducing lifetime of thread for too slow sites
  • Fixed a serious bug because of which the program could ignore the field “username”
  • Was added support of HTTPS links at activation by email
  • Fixed a bug because of which the program was trying to fill the known fields which had empty value
  • Changed the note after entering the login and password
  • Significantly was optimized critical sections of code that processes incoming content
  • Updated modules to work with HTTPS
  • Increased success rate on posting in engine /read.php?*,page=
  • Supplemented xbuttons.txt
  • Significantly optimized xmessages.txt
  • Adjusted generation of debug logs Debug\Path.txt
  • Updated textcapctha_adv.txt
  • Optimized loading of program with too big report files.
    Now at lines counting is taken into consideration the saved cache (files *.txt.access)
  • Added additional checks in Self-learning tool
  • Optimized Self-learning system
  • Improved bypass of JS-protections at login on site
  • Added support of macros #YEAR at processing of textual captcha.
    This macros is replaced by the current year in the format “YYYY” (without quotes)
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