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Improvements and modernizations in XRumer 7.7.42 EliteMarch 16, 2013

  • The program is trained to 25 new types of graphical captcha:
    XRumer is trained to 25 new types of graphical captcha
  • added new email service on + automatic registration of mailboxes on At registration captcha is recognized and entered automatically, and mailbox is configured in appropriate mode
  • improved processing of engines:
    • Drupal
    • Ucoz
    • DLE
  • the program is trained to new engines:
    • PHP Link Directory, footprint "Powered by: PHP Link Directory" inurl:submit.php
    • RicarGBooK 1.2, footprint "Powered by RicarGBooK" inurl:sign.php
    • Easy PHP Guestbook, footprint "Powered by The Easy PHP Guestbook" inurl:guestbook.html
    • Gallery, footprint "Add Comment" inurl:q=gallery
    • TikiWiki, footprint "Powered by TikiWiki" inurl:view_forum_thread.php
    • Datso Gallery, footprint
      • "Your comment" inurl:option=com_datsogallery inurl:func=detail
      • "Ваш комментарий" inurl:option=com_datsogallery inurl:func=detail
    • INDEXU 5.4.0, footprint "Powered by INDEXU" inurl:register.php
  • the syntax of xpop.txt file was extended. A new section [SSL] was added, which describes a list of properties, which will be activated to connect to pop-protocol through SSL-connection
  • also was extended syntax of xurl.txt
  • ignore logic of submit buttons is stored now in logic file : xbuttons.txt
  • now supports Base64 format, at email downloading for activation
  • content of file textcaptcha_forbidden.txt was improved
  • Improved decoding of DLE type captcha on Ucoz
  • Added footprints for registration on BBPress
  • restored the possibility of posting in ("from earlier registered user” mode)
  • in “Database analyzer” added support of regular expressions,
    Syntax — regex['выражение'];
    regular expressions in this tool are processed with (i) flag, means case insensitive
    example of usage:
    regex['vBulletin.{1,10}Version 3.8.\d{1,2}'] — will search all sites, where in content is used "vbulletin .... version 3.8.*"
  • also there, added random substitution of user-agents from \LogicFiles\Default\x_user_agent.txt
  • added special warnings, preventing new users from most common mistakes
  • in Scheduling system added new event “ReCapctha service banned IP”, as well as action “Run additional posting on “The rest” database”
  • adjusted language set for macros #trans
  • also was fixed processing of macros #trans in Mass-PM mode
  • the work of Mass-PM mode on DLE and phpBB was optimized
  • Corrected a bug at synchronization in modules anonymity and reporting
  • success rate on Phoca Guestbook was improved
  • saving links to registered profiles on Drupal engine was improved
  • on Ucoz fixed bug due to which nickname being prescribed instead of topic
  • saving profiles on Ucoz was improved
  • also was improved processing of links, executed through JS "Window.Open"
  • processing of macros #xgrab was improved
  • fixed a problem with function FileSizeCheck, because of which were incorrectly processed path longer than 128 characters, by reason of specific of Windows OS
  • improved login of ignoring of hidden form
  • in Scheduler system added the ability to generate schedule by template
  • increased the stability Scheduler system
  • if the link is obtained from mailbox at activation, and with it passed username and password — such links are now stored in Registered Accounts.txt report
  • Added logging debug of textual captcha used, for subsequent optimization of algorithm — stored in the file "!TC_SpecLog.txt"
  • fixed “Access violation” error, was appearing at the start of program, if login and pass was not specified
  • A bug in the tool "Counting the number of links from file" was fixed
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