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Improvements and modernizations in XRumer 7.7.41 EliteJanuary 31, 2013

  • the program is trained to new types of graphical captcha:

    Discuz — OCR algorithm renewed
  • trained to bypass protection of default installs of Discuz engine (engines where is used this link for registration: "member.php?mod=register")
  • added new database of forums on Discuz engine "LinksList Discuz.txt" (should be used with “mandatory registration + posting” mode)
  • added new server for free proxy checking on Botmaster servers
  • improved processing of Bitrix engine; also improved profile editing on Bitrix and added possibility to upload avatars at profile editing
  • added some warning messages to prevent incorrect filling of projects forms
  • fixed processing of forms personalText and personal_text for SMF
  • file UnknownRecognized.txt now is generated only in Debug mode
  • temporary decoding of KeyCaptcha was disabled due to significant changes in it
  • improved decoding of ReCaptcha on custom made scripts and via HTTPS protocol connections
  • improved decoding of ReCaptcha generated via JS-frame on MyBB and phpBB engines
  • fixed processing of links which contains "+"
  • improved processing of ZenPhoto engine
  • improved captcha decoding on engines like:
  • added new syntaxes (macros) for xurl.txt — now in search field can be used flag NICKNAME
  • fixed bug with ignoring of button "Save" (submit), in profile editing mode
  • updated MakeToIndex.ini file
  • updated xpop.txt file
  • was added new functions in xuser.ini, section [AdvOptions]:
    • FillAllTextarea (0 or 1, fill all fields "textarea" with text of message)
    • TextcaptchaPriority (0, 1 or 2, priority of local textcaptcha.txt and server one)
  • added new functionality in ModCreator:
    • added possibility to setup value of forums to xas.txt via drop-down menu
    • added monitoring of correctness for field value(names) and associations
    • added ability to view source (HTML) code of the page
    • prepared modules for further tool development
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